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Ticket to Heaven FSC, Joseph Radice

Ticket to Heaven

FSC, Joseph Radice

Published November 3rd 2009
109 pages
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 About the Book 

Ticket to Heaven is an autobiographical sketch of the life journey of Brother Joseph Radice, FSC, from his childhood in Buffalo, NY, to his current station at DeLaSalle Hall in Lincroft, NJ. Brother Joseph has written an easy-to-read book relating the unfolding of his religious vocation and some highlights of his training and years in the apostolate. Many scenes take place in Buffalo, where he spent his childhood and many years of his ministry. He had a unique foresight, believing there was a strong connection between the academic world and communications, and successfully demonstrated it. He was able to blend his flair for communication skills with his active religious life. Brother Joseph tells us of his medical challenges, and his entrance into De La Salle Hall. Adding to the enjoyment of reading this book, Brother Joseph is unafraid of laughing at himself!