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Put Into Words Angela M. Perkins

Put Into Words

Angela M. Perkins

ISBN : 9781420862911
56 pages
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 About the Book 

Put Into Words was bought to life through this opportunity given initially by God to single parent. Sometimes, we dont understand why we are served the current situations on this plate of life. But, how many of us know that there are no coincidences under God. Everything happens for a reason. In the summer on 1999, I was asked to submit a copy of a play that I had written so that I could be involved an evening of the arts, sponsored by my church. The night turned into a poetry reading event Only God reverses plans. I had never written a poem and decided to give myself a chance. The rest is history The purpose of this project is to let many single parents know that God knows what we are going through, even when we feel alone, scared, rejected, neglected, insecure, children out of contral and almost to the point of letting our dreams die, just because we have a lot on our plate. I am a living witness and can testify that if you stay in the race of life and keep your hands in Gods hands, He will work it out This project alone is proof of this statement. So many single parents are struggling with their emotions and feelings, but cannot express what they are experiencing within. It becomes turmoil for us because we say to ourselves, How can I feel such a way? And, we are too embarrassed to speak to anyone about it. You are not alone. This is not the perfect Will of God for anyone to single parent. My prayer for you is that you find comfort and understanding through the pages of this book and that you grasp the understanding of who is in control, even when you cant seem to find Him in the midst of storm and He seems to be gone without a trace, you have to trust him